Who Is Deja Dorsey?

Deja Dorsey is a young entreupenour. She is a wife, mother and business owner. Mrs.Dorsey started her company Luxe Beauty Bar the summer of 2017. With just a few followers and a well detailed blog her hobby became the business it is today. Luxe Beauty Bar by DejaDorsey.com has fulfilled over $5,000 worth of orders and shipped more than 56 products in less than a year.
The growing business sells everything beauty related from hair to cosmetics. Her greatest achievement was adding more than 29 different shades of foundation to her collection.
Mrs.Dorsey is not only a business woman but she gives back to the community. She has helped over four women get their cosmetic business running in the past three months. She is really down to earth and always willing to help.
If you are ever in the need of a chic makeover or just some beauty advice send her a message using the Contact Me tab.