Curl Vs. Deep Wave

What Texture Is Better?


I am in love with curly/wavy hair. I think it is so beautiful, especially in the summer. It is so versatile you can wear it to the beach, dinner and work! I am a busy MOM. I need hairstyles that allow me to get up and go without the extra hassle. With the wavy/curly textures you can hop in the shower in the morning add a light conditioner and GO.

However, a lot of women aren’t sure what the differences are between the two textures. When purchasing hair online it can be hard to tell one from another. I am here to help with this issue.

If you are purchasing hair on Luxe Beauty Bar or any site here are some key points you need to know.

Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky Curly hair is naturally a bit drier. It has a spongy zig zag, coiled, springy pattern that has some shrinkage. As a result it has a natural tendency to be wrapped around each other. If you add improper hair care & thermal styling to the mix, you can damage and destroy the integrity of the natural texture, making it nearly impossible to see the true potential and beauty of the Kinky Curly hair. You want to make sure to condition the hair after every wash with a light conditioner and  shampoo. Truth is that kinky hair is the most versatile on the texture spectrum. Wearing this hair you are bound to turn heads! If you are looking for a natural curl. Similar to the natural curl patter of African American hair this is the hair for you!


Deep Wave

Maintaining Deep Wave hair isn’t as intense as the Kinky Curly textures. With Deep Wave hair you can expect less coils and more of a nice wave. It does not have a lot of shrinkage causing it to be true in length. The same as Kinky Curly hair you want to try to add minimal products to it so you do not damage the curly pattern. If you want more of a wave and not a curl this is the hair for you!

So what texture will you be wearing this summer?