How To Wear Concealer?

Concealer is a must have for any makeup look I create. It is so versatile and easy to use. Concealer is great for highlighting on your face. You can also use it for concealing those problem spots.


Before I apply any foundation to my face I outline my brows with a concealer the same color as my skin tone. This helps to clean up my brows. It creates a nice clean finish that I absolutely LOVE. Currently I use my custom concealer in the color TAN available HERE for the top and bottom brows. To watch my updated brow routine click here.

Next before I apply my foundation I go in with an orange color correcting concealer to help cancel out my dark spots. The orange color correcting concealer is so easy to blend out. I know a lot of women see the color and instantly get scared. This is the best concealer you could possible use for canceling out dark spots! Just apply a tiny dot and push it into the skin wherever your problem spot is. It will naturally cancel out the dark spot and brighten the skin in that area. Need help color correcting? Click here!

After I apply my foundation I go in again with my TAN custom concealer to recreate natural lighting on my face. You want to apply the concealer under your nose, under your eyes, the center of your forehead and down the bridge of your nose. After I apply my concealer in those spots then I go over it slightly with the custom concealer color PEACH. I like to double up and apply that under my eyes and my nose. This color is slightly lighter than TAN and really gives that dramatic highlight that I LOVE! Never highlighted before? Click here for help.

Lastly I set my work with a setting powder and I am ready to go for the day!