Join The Sisterhood

Beauty Chemist is all about elevation. Imagine a community of women who all want to elevate together <3 . The things they can accomplish are endless. It is important to know that you were not made to fit in! You were made to stand out.

We are creating a way for others to succeed and creating a legacy for our family/loved ones.

This sisterhood is about helping strangers we’ve never met and bonding with women across the country.

Together we are not looking for a piece of the pie we are creating it! A brand new recipe that can flourish into something greater.

No one person is right and EVERYONE’S opinions and input matters. Lets grow together. You water me while I water you.

Want to know where our next meet up is?

April 21st 2019 In Atlanta, GA.

Tickets are FREE when you sign up for a membership.