How Are Metallic Lipsticks Used?

Now that my metallic lipstick line called Take Me To The Future will be launching in a couple of weeks. I figured now would be the best time to post this. A lot of us love the way they look, or want to try them. However, you may not know exactly how to wear them the right way.

Metallic lipsticks are the new trend for 2018. You see them on everyone from models, actresses and insta famous baddies. Metallic lipsticks are basically highlighters for the lips. They cut down on the amount of highlighter needed for your face.

The more your lips are shinning the less highlighter you need to apply to other parts of the face. Lets not forget how BOMB they look on instagram. Lots of insta baddies have been sporting this new trend in their post. Just this week I have seen more than 5 women SLAY this metallic look.

This product works best for the women who love to slay but are lazy! Yes, I said it! When you don’t want to do a full face but still want to look like you put in effort. Just apply some metallic lipstick, brows and go!

So where exactly did metallic lipsticks come from? They have been around for awhile. They can most likely be related to the 90’s Frosty look you may have seen. Of course most of the trends we are taking part in today. Came from our beautiful slaying ancestors. Its like a recycled trend.

To get the best coverage from your metallic lipstick try applying it over a matte lipstick. My favorite color from my collection is Purple Passion. I would apply my Galaxy over top of the Purple Passion to get the BEST coverage. The Galaxy gives me those purple undertones so it looks AMAZING ladies!

I hope this was helpful to you in some way. Purchase your metallic & matte lipstick here.