What Is Azeala Park?

What Is Azeala Park?

Azeala Park is a clothing company founded by Deja Dorsey. The first collection Date Night launched on December 1st, 2017.
The clothing line is geared to stylish women who love to SLAY. I named the first collection Date Night because I originally got the idea to have a clothing company based on my need for Date Night outfits.
Date Night does not pertain to only going out with a spouse. Date Night can be between you and your girls or even your children. If you are like me Date Night often means taking yourself out and spending some needed self love time.

Where Did The Name Azeala Come From?

Honestly, I have a thing for British names. I looked online one night for British names. Azeala was the first one I saw. It was originally spelled Azalea but you know me .. I had to be extra and change it.

Where did Park Come From?

Park was something I thought sounded ” official ” lol. When you hear New York ….and Company it just sounds legit. I thought adding Park to the end would make it sounds amazing!

Where do you get your inspirational ideas for your clothing?

I do not sell anything I wouldn’t wear myself. When it comes to the clothing I sell and produce I only pick items that catch my eye. I picture the outfit in my head. I see the heels and watch I could pair it with.

Do you plan to have a storefront soon?

I am working on that. I don’t know about soon but I see a storefront in my future.

What can we expect from Azeala Park in 2018?

Tons of SLAYAGE! I have already mapped out the products I want to feature and how I want to style them. I am looking to do a few pop up shops and fashion shows.


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